Explora Research Limited is a company limited by guarantee  with an ethos of operating on a not-for-profit basis; it is a key component of the Explora Foundation. The sole object of the company is to carry out primary research into resilience, whole physical protection systems and any related matters. The company will obtain and provide funds for this research promote and encourage its development and disseminate information on the same.

Currently, the primary vehicle for this research is the ‘Explora Programme into Protection against the Effects of Energetic Events’ at the University of Toronto Centre for the Resilience of Critical Infrastructure CRCI

  • The programme is valued at Canadian $250,000 per year for five-year term which will run until September 2016.
  • The programme is not exclusive and requests for research funds for investigations in the general area of physical protection will be considered subject to the availability of funds.
  • Explora Research has also brought together an industry consortium that provides an instrumented full-scale arena blast test facility, including up to 1,000 kg TNT equivalent detonations as each test requires.
  • The CRCI provides academic research projects cost-effective access to arena testing for the cost of the targets and any supplementary instrumentation but without the overheads of operating a test facility.
  • Intended for academic benefit, target arcs are open to any academic institution and should be booked with the CRCI by 15 January of the test year.
  • Tests will ordinarily be conducted in the window May – July. The CRCI will be able to provide further information and specifications for each test series.

Explora Research has a  team of associates, each a respected specialist/expert in their field. who advise the Board of Directors. Explora Research will, from time to time, compete for funds to conduct in-house and collaborative research projects; any surplus generated from such projects will be used to support further Foundation, research and scholarship funding. The company also maintains close working relationships with other academic institutions presently with the University of Toronto CRCI, but work has taken place with Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

Test reports are listed on our references page.

Applications for research support should be made to the Secretary General as advised on the contact us page.