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Our Pledge And Financial Support In Respect Of Worldwide Security


Explora Foundation (a registered not for profit company)   is  actively engaged in supporting  men and women in uniform  within the UK, and is further engaged at NATO and International security levels. In addition to our active participation at NATO meetings and conferences,---  Explora Foundation provides direct and significant participation and support to the education and training of NATO’s youngest and future next generation officers, NCO’s and Soldiers.


The Explora Foundation offers their subject matter experts to lecture at the NATO School Oberammergau in a variety of domains, to include training courses in NATO Psy Ops, NATO Security, NATO Force Protection and NATO Counter Intelligence. This being with great success, and abundant recognition, and continues to further intensify NATO support initiatives. This ongoing participation and commitment being continuous for over a decade.


Goodson Jones Research is a key component as part of the Explora Foundation; who actively carry out primary research into resilience, whole physical protection systems and subsequent related matters. A further component of this research is the 'Explora Programme into Protection against the Effects of Energetic Events' at the University of Toronto Centre for the Resilience of Critical Infrastructure CRCI.


In addition, our registered charity, Explora Scholarship Fund  support the spouses of military personnel in respect of further education. This also facilitating in some cases, serviceman/women  returning from active service, provided he/she is physically/mentally able to do so. 


Our expert support has become very well recognised and deep-rooted at various NATO and national levels, and remains available to other entities worldwide as and when requested.

Explora Foundation is an Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer.

Minorities / Females / Individuals with Disabilities / Protected Veterans.

Our ambition is to build the best global team - one that is representative and inclusive of the diverse talent, clients, and communities we work with and serve - and to empower our team to do their best work.


We support wellbeing and a balanced life, and offer a range of family-friendly, inclusive employment policies and employee forums.

We encourage applicants who are also former Armed Forces personnel, Reservists and Cadet Force Volunteers ---You will be made very welcome amongst our existing staff, who have shared your past experiences, and  have been with us for many years.

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