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The Explora Foundation continues to support the activities of the Explora Scholarship Fund and  Explora Research Limited, and the objects of the company are at present:

Research into resilience and whole physical protection systems to include: materials science; engineering of systems through civil, mechanical, electrical and electronic disciplines; architecture and design; testing through exposure of designs and structures to full scale kinetic blasts; establishing forums and groups, where appropriate, to ensure that the knowledge and practice for physical protection systems are made available for the protection of those in the service of their governments or non-governmental organisations, such as the United Nations; to allow academic discussion to take place and publish peer reviewed papers, articles and books; to arrange conferences meetings and discussions either as the Foundation or in cooperation with recognised professional institutions, trade and business associations, and public bodies; encourage and foster cooperation amongst governments and industry supporting the resilience and physical protection sector.

Research into medical activities that will contribute to the rehabilitation and support of those injured or disabled as a result of the Government Service with the Armed Forces or other Government Agencies in support of the Armed Forces on operations or exercises, to include, but not exclusively: stem cell research; andrology (the preservation or extraction of human sperm and eggs); mental health and well being.

Educational Scholarship  support to: the dependents of severely injured (physically and mentally) and deceased members of the UK Armed Forces and UK Security Services who were in Government Service when killed or injured; and also to members of the UK Armed Forces or UK Security Services who have suffered severe physical or mental health injury as a result of Government Service.

Area of Operation: The Foundation is to have a particular emphasis on furthering the Objects in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada on an equitable basis. Other areas of the world will be considered by the directors as required.